Educational Webinar Series

NCSFA's Educational Webinar Series facilitates the exchange of case studies and dialogue between state and university members. The inclusion of additional Corporate Partner webinars allow valued corporate partners the opportunity to provide updates on what to expect in terms of fleet product and service updates and innovations.

NCSFA members are encouraged to share ideas for a future NCSFA webinar, by emailing your proposal to [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

Vehicle Lift Safety—A Fleet Manager's Responsibilities                        May 24, 2023 from 2-3 pm ET


Steve Perlstein, President of Mohawk Lifts

Steve is the second longest member of the Automotive Lifts Institute (20 lift manufacturers all dedicated to vehicle lift safety) & a person who grew up in a family garage and understands to potential for danger if using a vehicle lift improperly.

ANSI as the American National Standards Institute has safety standards for the proper care, use and training of technicians using vehicle lifts. This session will cover the expectations of a fleet manager to #1 procure a safe lift, #2 make sure the lift is inspected annually per ANSI standards #3 verify all the technicians using the lift have been properly trained on use of the lift. Experienced techs need training (per ANSI ALI ALCTV current standard).

Key Take-aways:

  • Where to get lifts inspected by an ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) certified inspector.
  • How to have all technicians in the shop trained by taking an on-line class
  • Other safety features of lifts some as simple as a foam head guard to prevent a tech from accidentally banging their heads on the bottom of the swing arms (any tech has done this), a weight gauge as a visual verification that the lift is being used properly and lowered onto the mechanical locks to various truck adaptors that MUST BE ALI certified or if not, their use voids the certification of the lift.

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