Environmental Leadership Award

The Environmental Leadership Award is given to an NCSFA member who has demonstrated sustained contributions to the advancement and use of alternative fuels in the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) fleet community and who has contributed to the overall quality of their fleet and the nation’s AFV goals.

Who is Eligible

The nominee must be an NCSFA member in good standing. 


Nominees must have demonstrated the following:

  • Demonstrated significant advancement of the use or development of one or both of the following:
    • Alternate vehicular fuels, vehicles or infrastructure
    • Electric or hybrid-electric vehicles or charging infrastructure
  • Unique, innovative, or creative approach to deploying technology above
  • Established and achieved specific, measurable results
  • Demonstrated the advancement of EPACT and DOE goals of improving air quality and reducing dependence on foreign oil

Nomination Process

Nominations close August 4, 2023. To nominate a member, please download and complete the nomination form (first button below), then use the second button to submit the nomination form to NCSFA Headquarters. If you would like to nominate a peer, but do not have sufficient information on their accomplishments to complete a submission, please contact the NCSFA staff for assistance.

Download and Complete the Nomination Form

Submit the Completed Nomination Form